fair shea

is a cooperative project of the French company BIONAT and the German online retailer l-carb shop.

Philippe in Ghana

Philippe from BIONAT in Ghana

Besides personal friendship, we are connected by our enthusiasm for the product shea butter and by our motivation to develop the poorest regions of West Africa through fair trade. Philippe Monmarche has been involved in development work in West Africa for 30 years. He founded the BIONAT Consult because he was convinced that sustainable development is only possible through fair trade. The internet business l-carb shop, founded by Susanne and Daniel Schaaf, has also been committed to social and environmental responsibility since its inception. 

Susanne e Daniel de l-carb shop

Susanne e Daniel de l-carb shop

The idea of fair shea is to eliminate the middleman and achieve efficient online trade with a relatively low margin. This makes it possible to pay a fair wage to women’s groups in Ghana, Burkina Faso, and the Ivory Coast who produce shea butter from the fruits of the wild-growing karité tree, while also offering the product at an attractive price in Europe.

Of course, it’s also about delighting you with shea butter, one of nature’s best gifts. While our African associates used shea butter to sooth chapped hands after work, the oil of the karité tree was unknown to most Europeans. Here you can read about the healing and nourishing effects of shea butter on your skin, how it protects hair from sun and the elements, and how natural cosmetics contribute to beauty and well-being.

We think you’ll be just as excited as we are. It would be great if you would share your experiences with us here on the blog, with friends, and on social media. In doing so, you’ll also support the women in the groups started by Philippe, who use the proceeds to feed and educate their children.

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